Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This is a story about a guy who went mad for an angel Final Chapter

*time to finish this story*
I could not finish this before as I came across a couple of technical difficulties at home.
Hopefully the glitches have been fixed and I can complete the final chapter to this story. ngeh ngeh ngeh.

Part 1
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Part 6

With heavy hearts, students of Sri Acmar boarded the ferry's and later on, busses for home sweet home. Jazz felt as though leaving the island he was leaving something behind. Weird. Not in a physical sense but...something else....emotional.

He will soon start a new chapter in his life. A high school student here normally goes on to a college where he meets new friends, dives into a world of new fun, pain, pure emotional rollercoaster rides, and (perhaps) grow into adulthood.

Farewells were spoken, photos were taken, numbers were exchanged (not really but maybe). Emz will soon finish her highschool exams,
her sister Mikae beginning her journey as a teenager (yes, read = pure emotional rollercoaster rides), younger sister Shaza also about to have primary school exams, while Jazz goes on to pursue his pre- university studies.


Fast forward 5 years on.
Jazz is now a working adult. Simply one with money, but no time. Funny that, when he was in Uni, he had time, but no money.
Emz is at University pursuing a degree in the arts of suing people and making lots of money while doing so (well it just sounds evil, but hey someones gotta do it)
Mikae is at a chapter where she'll soon be joining a University. She's uncertain for now, but she has interests in becoming an Automotive Engineer and aspires to be like her hero Michael Schumacher.
Shaza will soon finish high school mirroring her sister 5 years before.


Whats the next episode?
*That....will be another story*

Well there you have it. Jazz and Emz during Prom Night 2002.
That pangkor trip
And here are Jazz and Emz 6 years later.

Now if Jazz and Emz were real characters, he would like to say to her "You will always be the most beautiful princess of my immortal dreams."

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