Wednesday, April 23, 2008

this is a story of a guy who went mad for an Angel. part 5


continuation from the previous chapter

A bus load of Acmarians (......havoc fo sho') made its way to Pangkor. 1st stop : Lumut beach. The wait for the ferry ride across took a long time, but Acmarians made the most of it by.....taking LOTS and LOTS of photos!
This was the time of film cameras. Yes thats correct. At least thats what Jazz had to make do with.

The heat was getting to him. The combination of thirst (puasa month) and raging hormones weren't helping either.
Sand, sun, sea cucumbers were some of the highlights of the trip. Jazz had difficulties using the snorkel he hired for the day due to fatigue from fasting. He finally gave up because he didnt want to drink all that salt water. LOL
With not much money left Jazz couldnt afford the banana boat ride that was promised but nevertheless enjoyed it when he saw his friend Chuck fall off the baot in the middle of the bay area. How evil.

Later in the evening the Acmarians had a little party. This was no ordinary party but one that involved burning. YEAP. burning of books!! OPEN BURNING PEOPLE!!!
Why would a bunch of students bother carrying past year exam papers, books, class manuals to an island as beautiful as this? care what la, just burn it!!!

After all thats said and burnt (har har har) some Acmarians went to town to look for beer. Some stayed in their rooms playing cards. A bunch of them stayed on the beach for an hour or two just to enjoy the breeze, the feel of sand in between their toes and to just enjoy each others company.


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