Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This is a story about a guy who went mad for an Angel part 6.

Hokay about time for a story. This is the continuation of the "mad for an Angel" series.

"A bunch of them stayed on the beach for an hour or two just to enjoy the breeze, the feel of sand in between their toes and to just enjoy each others company."

So some just sat there on the sand making mini sand castles and mini sand sculptures. The occasional awkward silence was there but most of the time they were just laughing their heads off at some joke-probably-lame-as-can-be joke but meh, who cared?

Stars glittered in the night sky. Lol one of them wasnt a star, but was a actually a traditional chinese wishing balloon (you know the ones that you write your wish on) and hope it goes into space.

Jazz was a mixed marshmallow bag of emotions. Emz was sitting not to far from where he was and in fact, probably only an arms length away. Some hyperventilate when a person of such beauty and grace (:chuckle) are in such close proximity.
, some look at their own shoes, look at their own toes, adjust their own buttons, whatever. Jazz however, "tries" to remain cool. HAH
He really wanted the waves to come up and steal everyone away for a couple of hours to leave only he and Emz on that shore. He knew they didn't have to say much. Just in each others company, back to back. (well yea any other way would be waay too dodgy)


No, it didnt happen. No waves, no sea faeries, but still, its a memory Jazz cherishes.
The night ended with little small talks in the wee hours of the morning outside Jazz' room. Some falling asleep just sitting down, a few were tipsy and drunk. Some retired to get a good nights rest for the trip home.

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