Tuesday, April 15, 2008

this is a story of a guy who went mad for an angel Part 2

So Jazz and Emz continue keeping in touch by other means, ie. SMS.
Those days sms's cost 20 cents each......and when you are bored during tuition classes, you sms someone. And yup, both of them did that non-stop.
Till at one point he didnt receive anything. hmmm weird...Maybe she hated him because he disturbed her too much.
Jazz later found out from his friend, Chuck, that Emz couldnt sms him at all. Because her number couldnt be accessed. Why? coz her dad broke her sim card!! Scary!! Her dad is kind hearted no doubt but is reaaally strict when it comes to boys and girls interacting with each other. One day even Emz's little sister Shaza, received a love letter from her secret admirer. Her dad flipped!!
For goodness sake she was only 9.
fewh, He was glad she didnt ignore him for no reason. One day, Emz asks Jazz if he's gonna take Jying to the prom. ??? No. Jazz has other intentions. He wanted to take Emz! So after some hyperventilating ...Jazz asks Emz if she would go with him to the 2002 Acmar Prom night.
BUT Jazz was the prom night chairman. He would be extremely busy that night and wont have time to spend with her.
Emz simply said "its okay, I dont think I'll be very chatty, and will just be really shy."
Jazz: oh okee.
A couple of weeks pass, and indeed, Jazz and Emz make it to the prom together.
The theme:
Sophistication in Simplicity.
Showing up at the event hall, in a long black (is there another colour??) dress,
the tall, slender,beauty sent Jazz into a whirlpool of gooey, mushy, marshmallow dream.
(okay this is not easy to describe).
The rest, is history. (no, it really is)


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