Tuesday, April 15, 2008

this is a story of a guy who went mad for a angel Part 1

Once there was a senior boy (Jazz) in school. 17 at the time. Almost 1 year since he broke up with a bitch of a girl, MEGAGedikTRON. With bitch safely in the arms of this boy's own best friend, she was no longer a concern. lets move on.

Jazz wasnt really up for having any school boy/girl relationships but nevertheless still enjoyed the company and friendship of his old flame (Hazz). But what to do, Hazz is taken, by a real sleazeball. What does she see in him.? They are still together. Go and Get married laaah. Moving on.

English Week (if you all remember what that was) came. Entah macamane, but there was a fiery chemistry going on between Jazz and a girl by the name of Jying. (Jying and Jazz incidently the time keepers for the debate contest) So some girls began to tease him about it. Those girls are of course younger so he didn't take it so seriously laaa. But one of those girls caught his eye. There was an intense air about her he found fascinating. Then, the craze was to chat through ICQ. It wasn't difficult to find each other, but when they did, OH BOY. IT WAS EXPLOSIVE. This Angel, he calls her Emz.

height: 179 cm (then)
weight: 76 kg (then)
Dark hair, gold/yellow skin.
Brown eyes
Loves music and singing.

height: 170 cm
weight: ...no comment
Dark hair...straight.. fair complextion
VERY dark brown perfectly rounded eyes.
Cool and calm on the outside.
Sexy speaking voice. (no comment on the singing, never heard)


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