Thursday, November 26, 2009


I've worked at this company for 3 years and have gone through 4 pairs of working shoes.

And guess what, all of them break apart really easily. Whats the deal here?

The 1st pair simply died after heavy use and heavy walking for 1 whole year (I took the train then and walked at least 2-3 km a day)

The 2nd pair started to have holes at the top. This is because when I rode my bike, I have to change gears and to do that you have to flick the gear upwards with the left foot. Hence the constant flicking up damaged the shoe.

The 3rd pair rotted at the sole (rotten soul? HAH!). I'm guessing because I used to wear the shoes while biking so when it rained the water helped the rotting process.

My 4th pair has a heel and the rubber padding under the heel started to peel off. I took it to the cobler in Subang Parade and they resealed it and reinforced it with nails. (hope they dont poke into my feet)

Is it because I buy cheap shoes?
Each pair that I bought dont cost more than 150 ringgit. (some have cost 250 ringgit but I buy them during sales, does that count?)

Or should I invest in leather shoes and keep them only for important functions?

need some advice here as I'm not really up to date on brands, style etc etc, I just know if I dont need it, I dont buy it.

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