Monday, November 23, 2009


(While having lunch with 9 other work mates)

T = is sitting furthest from me.

Me= I ordered Korean beef bulgogi.

Heres how it went:

Me: *Eating happily with chopsticks and spoon lovely korean beef bbq.*

T: Wah! You know how to use chopsticks? You dont have to you know, you can just use your fork, its okay waaan.

Me: -__- but I'm eating korean.

T: Oh? You are learning?

Me: *ignores and continues eating*

Tell me how does

"I'm eating korean" sound like "I am learning"

And for that matter, can I just use my chopsticks happily? I might not be perfect at it but I can. And no I'm not chinese does that mean I'm not allowed to use chopsticks? Seriously which kampung are you from?

If I go to italy and eat pasta do I use my hands?

If I eat soup at a turkish restaurant will I use chopsticks or knives?

Jeesh some people seriously need to see the world more.

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