Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Alfa Romeo GTV6

This is pure car porn.
Filthy thats what.

This is an Alfa Romeo GTV6
2.5 L V6.
A classic car of the 70s and 80s. Most of you will probably not appreciate the older cars, but here cars are not made with fancy gadgets, sound systems, silly folding tops, clutter all around the dashboard but pure cars for a pure driving experience.

If you havent heard how the car sounds, then you've never heard a true V6.

There are only two V6's that echo the sounds of heaven in this world. The other V6 is a Honda. A very fast Honda (no more are produced)

Honda NSX (discontinued, now a classic supercar of the early 90s)
3.0 V6

Please note that I did not mention such engine sounds from BMW's as well as Porsche's.
BMW's traditionally in the 70s to 90s use straight-6 engines.
This means all 6 cylinders are lined up like this :

If the Alfa V6 sounds like the song of heavens then the BMW straight-6 is the sound of satan's cruise missiles.

A traditional manly Porsche uses a Flat-6 boxer engine.

At the bottom of the pic see how the cylinders are 3 each on each side. The cylinders move side to side not up and down like other cars.

These are found in the:

Boxter S
Cayman S
All Carrera's
The sounds made by these engines are more like gods personal orchestra of thunder.

Porsches such as the Cheyenne and Panamera use V8's and do not count as they are meant for posers and sissy yuppies.

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