Monday, October 12, 2009

Ugh..bleeding money.

Okay this year is definitely not a good year for an Ox like me.

This year alone:

1. Broke a customers bumper - cost of fixing Rm 450
2. Helmet stolen - worth Rm 400
3. Accident that would require surgery - cost (dont need to say, its alot)
4. Bike chain and sprockets wore out after 20000 km - cost Rm 330
5. Bike tyres needed changing since I'm so heavy the tyres wore out too quickly - cost Rm 220
6. Car needs servicing at the end of this year, mileage is 36000 km as I'm typing this.
- gear box oil - Rm 180
-MOTUL engine oil -Rm 150
-brake pads - Rm 250
-timing belt - Rm 80
-service charge - Rm 80

owning a vehicle is not cheap especially since we get minimal pay but cost of vehicles are exorbitant so its a double fucked in the ass.

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