Saturday, October 17, 2009

Continuation of the yoga postures. Posture 4,5,6,7

*Eagle Pose - Garurasana* I have troubles curling my leg over the other in the pose. My thighs are gigantic so its going to take some time.

*Standing head to knee Pose - Dandayamana - JanuShirasana* In this posture I lose balance if I'm standing on my left knee. I had an accident that made me weaker on the left.

*Standing bow pulling pose -Dandayamana - Dhanurasana* This posture I fall out really easily but find if I lower my body I gain balance. The problem with that is, again, left knee suffers.

*Balancing stick pose- Tuladandasana* Er...its called balancing stick because it looks like you're making a balancing stick of yourself. Your body from the side should look like a perfect T not a broken umbrella. This one I can do but again, left knee hurts. Trick is to go forward and stretch.

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