Wednesday, October 21, 2009

8,9,10,11 Postures in Bikram Yoga

*Standing separate leg* This one is tricky. I cant reach the floor with my forehead. But I am doing my best to lock both knees as well as stretching my arms and pulling onmy feet.

*Triangle pose* Self explaining. Here the front thigh has to be parallel with the ground. A REAL cruncher for a 92 kilo person like me. My right leg is stronger naturally and to make things worse after the accident, my left leg is much much weaker.

*Standing separate leg head to knee* This pose you MUST have your forehead on the knee. The back knee is locked. The front knee can be bent but try to lock it. Stomach in and look at your stomach not the floor.

*Tree Pose* Well...looks like a tree. This one is a little tough as my leg doesnt go as high as hers does. Not only that, my leg will slip off because I'm all sweaty. But sweat will build strength.

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