Friday, November 14, 2008

Glossary of Automobile terms Part 8

This isnt so much a glossary, but more of a tip on how to change your wheels when you get a flat. I know I know most of you know how, and if I say that this guide is especially for the ladies omg you'll call me sexist I dont care coz most of the time its true, non of you ladies bother changing your wheel.

So here's a little guide anyway.
First grab your tools from the trunk of the car.
You'll need the jack.
First the jack is placed under the car, near the tyre you want to change. You can see the groves where the jack must go. The jack must not lift up the car yet. Instead after a few times of pulling the jack lever, grab the appropriate sized tools to loosen the nuts off the wheels.

Now you can start jacking up the car till its above ground. Proceed to unscrew the nuts completely. Now remove the flat tyre along with its wheel, and place your reserve wheel accordingly.
Replace the nuts, and screw them in but not too tight.
Lower the car, and proceed to tighten the nuts.

Now that may sound simple. To most ladies, this isnt difficult. In fact, its a no brainer.The real problem lies in the greasy bits. The nuts are greasy, the jack is greasy, heck, the whole tire is dirty.

This is what you ladies need to have in the trunk of the car,

1. Gloves, to not get your hands and nails dirty.
2. apron, because when you remove your tyre, most likely the tyre will brush against your top and stain it. boohoo.
3. Keep a small bottle of nail polish remover in the car also. The nail polish remover helps clean up any grease on your hands or arms during the process.
To all you geeks, nail polish remover can also be replaced by acetone. But please keep the acetone away from papers which have ink on the them.
4. A big old towel you can place on the floor of the road, so you dont have to put up with the dirty road.

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