Monday, November 17, 2008


T: isn't there a girl agent with a funny name
J: yes
T: what is it? like sweetheart or something
J : no! lol
T: agent sweet
J: no
T: what is it?
J: whats this from?
T: james bond
J: no sweet
T: angel? it's something real girly
J: no
T: can i have a hint?
J: i think you have it mistaken
T: lollipop
J: for another movie
you may as well say ice cream
baby, my mind has gone blank

T: hmmm
J: i know her real name, olga kurylenko, very sweet
T: strawberry fields!
J: baby!
T: agent strawberry fields!

lol , lollipop, i must blog this

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