Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Glossary of Automobile terms Part 7

Superchargers and Turbochargers are not meant to make the car go at high speeds, but to make the car accelerate quickly from 0-100 kmph. Because when you're in traffic and need to overtake, acceleration is more important than top speed. Who can reach top speeds on Malaysian roads anyway?

Thats my artist rendition of what the turbo charger and engine look like in simple diagrams.
Exhaust passes the turbo, spinning the turbine,
Turbo sucks in air from outside, it collects and pushes it into the engine.

A summary of the post on superchargers and turbochargers

So we all know that
to get more power, we need more fuel, therefore we need more air.

To get more air we need a pump or a reservoir or a collection of air and hold it at high pressure. (thats the chargers job)

The air will be pumped into the engine from the charger,
combined this with ALOT of fuel being pumped in,
we get ALOT of power.

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