Thursday, October 9, 2008

Of Pussy's

This little sweetie I met at AnW Subang. He's gorgeous and doesnt seem perturbed by humans. We sat eating our food and he's patient enough to wait till we're done to try and sneak up on us and grab some.

Heheheh he posed 2 seconds b4 taking this photo then when I pressed the trigger, he looked away. So typical of cats.
These two were found in a pet shop in damansara. The top cat was sleeping but had his tail outside of the cage. The bottom cat obviously noticing this had fun grabbing the tail and playing with it as though it was a soft toy.
This big dude reminds me so much of Garfield. And he's got this sweet meow. Ok ok some of you dont think its sweet, but I do. I crouched next to his cage and he began mewing. Sorry kitty, i didnt have any food for you.
Oh no this isnt a cat, but its the 1st perfume anyone's ever bought for me. Its from YSL (the girl's initials) and I'm not keeping it coz i miss her, but it does remind me of some good times. Long after we broke up I still used this perfume for going to balls, special functions etc etc. Theres about 2 ml's left.

And I love cats.

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