Thursday, October 9, 2008

A convo at work today

A little background info
(okay its my duty to handle the Industrial trainees at my office, as in, I know where to place them, give them a little orientation, print out their certificates of training etc etc and what have yous. Currently there are 14 trainees in the organisation.)

Faiz: erm...hey Jun, can I talk to you about something?
Jun: sure!
Faiz: alright uh, who do I talk to who takes care of the trainess? Do you do that?
Jun: depends what you mean by "take care" haha but yea you can talk to me.
Faiz: *sits down next to jun* Alright its a little problem thats been going on.
Jun: oh no
Faiz: you see, every morning, before 11am, all the milo in the pantry is GONE.
Jun: ...
Faiz: I must have milo.
Jun: O.O
Faiz: People in an office need to feel and happy and need a good working environment. And my happy place is my milo.

Jun: lol this is history repeating itself. Whenever we have more than 10 trainees all the milo is sure to be used up. LOL you have to get there as quick as possible.
May: you have to be a big boy now and drink coffee.
Faiz: I know but I cant drink the coffee or the tea coz I'll feel like puking. I'm allergic to milk tea and milk coffee.
May: haaaa are you suree????
Jun: loololololol could be.

Faiz: I'm getting withdrawal symptoms already!
I need it!!


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