Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Glossary of Automobile terms

Next time dont la say bodoh kereta,
not nice. (bodoh = stupid)
If you dont know it, it only means you werent taught. It doesnt mean you're stupid.

When we are clueless about something we say we are blind in malay.

Saya buta fesyen.
Direct translation I'm fashion blind.
I am clueless about fashion.

Maybe to help those who just want to know what these terms are in simple english, I'll type out a little glossary.

Car = Autocarriage.

2wd = 2 wheel drive. The engine spins two of the wheels. Either the front pair or back pair.

4wd/Awd = 4 wheel drive. The engine spins all 4 wheels together. This equals ALOT more grip and more tyre replacing.

Gears = The ones on the bicycle that attached to the chain. Yah, those are gears. Sometimes we say "cogs".

Gearbox = Its a big piece that joins to the engine. Inside got gears/cogs, sometimes 5, sometimes 6, sometimes 7. Lorry mostly have 12 gears!!!

Transmission = all the stuff in gear box, gears, manual, automatic, 2wd, 4wd.

Springs = imagine just the car body, sitting on tyres. Without springs, all the bumps and humps, potholes, dead roadkill will transfer a huge JERK when you run over it. Causing your ass to hurt and head to hit the roof. Springs help take the jerk so you dont have to.

Absorbers = springs are awesome at taking up the JERK.......BUT they are lousy at jerking off. eh...I mean....loosing the jerk....(i shall replace jerk with jolt now).....so the springs pass the jerk to the absorbers. slowly, and carefully. Like those doors that close slowly instead of slamming shut.

Bonnet/hood = the front portion of the car that opens up. Not necesarrily containing an engine.

Boot/trunk = the back part of the car that opens up.(not necesarrily containing luggage space/engine whateva)

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