Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Alright now part 2 of glossary of car terms.

Brakes: to slow down your car la. haiyo.
Brake pad: these are the grips that clamp onto your brake disc so it slows down the spinning of the disc.

Brake disc: attached to your wheels, as the disc slows, your wheels slow down.

Brake hose: contains the brake oil. Oil compresses very well, so as you step on the brake pedal, the oil compresses all the way to the pads hereby pushing the brake pads to clamp onto the disc. wtf

radiator: contains a battery operated fan that channels cold air coming from the front of the car to the grill....cooling it down.

coolant: Inside the radiator grill we have coolant. This coolant is blardy hot but once it passes through the grill it cools down coz of that cold air. Its normally green colored liquid.

Steering wheel: the round thing that is directly infront of your chest in the car. Its what Malaysians use to cause accidents by moving into any random lane at will.

Horn: used during emergencies. When you need to alert a car of danger or to let them know to look out for you at a parking lot.
Malaysians use it at traffic lights to wake up the person sleeping at the front of the lights, use it to call their maid out of the house to open the gate coz they are too lazy to open the gate themselves.
Egyptians use it to change lane,
to get the person in the front lane to move aside,
to scold,
to swear,
to alert the person walking on the street coz they are about to be run over if they not careful,
to say wasssup to their uncle, aunty, son, father in law, mom, brothers goat in the car next to them.

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