Tuesday, October 14, 2008

VW ( vee dig you)

I saw this pretty woman driving a Volkswagen Bettle this morning. The car was silver and the exhaust pipe at the back wasnt standard. I'm pretty sure she had a bodykit switch.
They've now made the Volkswagen a chick car. maaaaaaaan.

The volkswagen Beetle is an icon. The people's car. Brainchild of Adolf Hitler.
This is a 1959 Beetle. Simple, Gorgeous And muscular.

Its Bumblebee for crying out loud. A robot from the planet Cybertron able to transform and disguise itself as a Volkswagen. Doesnt get more awesome than that.

Now this is the current Volkswagen Beetle. ???
Its pink and its got a vase so you can put your pwetty flowers in it. ??? oooooooooooOOooo its also a convertible. Woopedo.
How can you put gentlemen in a beetle now? Its covered in marshmallow.

Volkswagen realised this back in 1980's when all those Beetles started going topless.
Thats how they came up with THIS:

It would be a dream to be able to see this on the road let alone drive one. Only a true blooded petrol head knows what this car is all about.
Fast forward a couple of decades and we have THIS

A gorgeous Volkswagen Golf GTI
Smoking the tyres at a tremendous 7 seconds from 0-100 kmph, (thats half the time it takes for my car to reach 0-100kmph and my car is already pretty quick)
What I love about Wolkswagens and Audis (same company, different logos)
they make these rockets with oodles of torque from a ridiculous 1800 rpm all the way up to 5000rpm. 280 Nm of torque to be precise

how do I translate that into laymans terms.
You sit in the car. Enter Gear 1.
Stomp on the acceleration pedal.
In other cars eg, Myvi SE,
you will feel your head "jerking back" at 3700 rpm --> 5000 rpm. (thats how we describe torque) (1300 rpm increase to enjoy)

In a Golf GTI,
you will feel your head snap back, brains splattered, paralysed, but heart still pumping at speed of sound as early as 1800 rpm --> 5000 rpm! (thats your neck bones crunched 3200 rpms)

Now THATS a true petrol heads car.

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