Friday, October 10, 2008

Who stole my bag

You see the top of the bike, just behind the handle bars, (the red part of the body)
Thats the petrol tank. Now the body is obviously made of metal and therefore you can stick a magnet on it......that magnet is connected to....

.......this bag. Its magnetic.
And guess what.....

......Someone (most likely from Continental Sime Tyres buidling) decides to steal my bag. Yes it was on my bike from 8-5.30pm Thursday 9 October 2008.

The bag was empty. The only reason I brought it is because I used it to carry some kuih raya that I brought to work.

Now its gone.
And dont say "hey, at least your wallet and valuables are not there"
Coz the bag is worth Rm 240.

Most probably a Malay or Indian stole it.
Chinese dont steal, they cheat, but they dont steal. They have more honour than that.

Indians a bit more likely. As they dont earn much. Most of them travel by bike anyway. So they probably would want to have something like this.

Malays the most likely. Why?
1. Malays dont need to steal. They WANT to steal. Even though they know they can earn stuff like this but they want it all without putting effort. Its called curi makan (curi tulang, oh well same thing)

2. The person is in the building, it wont be a chinese, coz why would the chinese ride motorcycles, they can afford Hondas, Toyotas, Nissans apa.

3. 19/20 of motorcyclists in the building are Malays.
(And obviously the person is a motorcycle rider coz a car driver wont know how much the bag is worth)
So to that mamat, pakcik, minah, if you did steal it:

I hope you get syphilis in your nose and diaorhea in your mouth for the next 70 years. And hope your mom is damned to hell swallowing on satans pus.

Thank you.

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