Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My weekend Part 2

1st Wedding

Two weddings took place AT THE SAME TIME.
One was my cousins (the girl), the other a friend of mine. I couldn't make it to my cousins wedding on the girls side last week due to problems with Air Asia. So i tried to attend the boys' side on Saturday.

This wedding was all the way in Putrajaya lake club. Waaaah my cousin looked so gorgeous in white and her husband in a white suit. So smaaaaarrttt!!

I left at 8.45 pm (about 10 minutes after the wedding started)

Dashed off to Subang like a mad man and I reached my friends wedding venue at 9.30,

BUT OH NO! I got the wrong venue! Its not at Hyatt Saujana, so i dashed off to
Holiday Villa Subang,

Dashed too Sheraton.

at this point I gave up. Went home and sulked. But then i saw the invite. Should I look at it? Should I? I did. It said

whaaaaaaaaat? It 10.30 pm.
I FLEW DOWNSTAIRS, locked up, and sprinted off to the club.

then realised I was running out of petrol. Quickly turned into Esso. Of course I dont have cash on me. So I took some money out of the ATM. Rejected!


I tried and after the 3rd time, managed to grab some money. Quickly filled up, and raced to KGNS. Finally I made it at 10.55 pm. siao.

2. My date
coming soon

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