Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My weekend Part 1

Here's what happened during the weekend. (and prior to that...)
(sorry, will update more on KK later)


-Went to dinner with workmates at this nyonya restaurant in Subang Parade. I had nasi kuning pulut with rendang daging. sooo good. But the pulut was steaming so I had to keep fanning my mouth. Panas like mad.

-left dinner at 8.45 pm and had to dash off to KL. But alas, I couldn't make it to Pertama Complex on time. I was supposed to go there and buy gloves for my motorbike. Benci nyer....I got there and it was pissing down! I got thoroughly soaked and all I could think about was a nice hot chocolate next to a warm chimney fireplace.

*slaps self, wake up nutmeg you're in Malaysia la!*

-i stopped by Tune hotel to check out their rates. Not bad la the place. More on that later.


-watched The Hulk with Rue and Ben at Bukit Tinggi Klang. Was quite impressed with the seats in the cinema. My knees didn't touch the front seats at all. I'm not a big fan of the Hulk but Stan Lee impressed me this time around. Later had lunch at a place called Pasta mania. Not prizes for guessing the type of food served. But it was delicious! 8/10 for me!
Headed to Big Apple for dessert.

-in the evening Prepared for 2 weddings. to go to. This one a bit de disaster. Read about it here.


-woke up as early as 9.30 am to get ready? Ready for what?? MUAHAHAH HELMET SHOPPING. So i went to a big motorbike shop in Bukit Kuda to purchase a helmet. Its pretty light and has this button at the back, if you press it, blinking red LED lights come on. heheheh
this was the conversation with the girl who sold it to me.

Jun: *tries on some helmets*
Girl: hello! yes mau carik helmet ka? (you looking for a helmet aye?)
Jun: ya tapi ini tak muat la. (yea I cant seem to fit this one)
Girl: oooh itu semua S dan M punya. L sudah tala stock. Minggu ni baru dapat. (those are S and M sizes. The L ones have run out and they'll only arrive this week.)

Jun: oooh. Okay. I dont wanna wait, I'm just looking for a simple helmet with suitable size.
Girl: oooh itu Thailand punya size lain, Taiwan size lain. You cuba yg lama punya. (oh Thailand and Taiwan sizes are different. Try the old models)
Jun: wokey *tries an old model Taiwan mad* not bad. Boleh muat (it fits)

Girl: you boleh cuba ini 2nd hand punya. (try the 2nd hand ones)
Jun: *1st looks at girl then looks at brand of 2nd hand helmet.*
Ini AGV brand la. Made in Italy. Mahal. Saya ada budget lebih kurang Rm 500.
Girl: yup yup. Ini bagus. Harga dalam Rm 1095. (they're good. About Rm 1095)
Jun: -______- mahal! (so expensive)

Girl: ini pun boleh *shows me another one*
Jun: erh....ini pun AGV (this is also AGV)
Girl: yup, dalam Rm 1200.
Jun: -____________-" you pikir la! Saya mana boleh beli ini. Mahal tau! (I cant buy this! Its too pricey)
GirlL: heheheeeee
Jun: *macam nak cubit budak tu. Dah la muka comel.*

So I buy the one that fits nicely and paid for it. I got a 15% discount on it too.! weeeeee
I go home and relax a bit. Prepare for my date. Read it here.

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