Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I cant edit my posts with IE at work. why????

Last saturday I went out with the boys to watch a movie. On the way home an old flame sms's me and says :

"jun, pls tell me you're free and you're in Klang. I'm on the way to Klang Centro. Theres a party at Modestos"

"oh no, I'll be heading for 2 weddings tonight. :( How about we meet up on monday instead? I'll be on leave"


"i wanna watch either Kung Fu panda or Wanted"

"Wanted please, I've already watched KFP"


So on Monday after I purchased my helmet (muahahahahaha) I set off looking for Kai Lin at the Pavillion. Gosh even looking for each other here is tricky.
1. Pavillion is huge.
2. Neither of us are familiar with the area.

We're both hungry so we go to the food court. She's wearing E******a as her perfume and so was I.
LOL I guess we had matching perfumes.

I ordered Korean mixed rice while Kai Lin ordered Asam Laksa. (pppfff how uncreative) You could tell we were both into our food coz lunch was pretty quiet with minimal chatter in between bites. After lunch we headed to GSC to purchase our tickets.

Gosh there were at least a dozen school children there. You know, during my time, kids in uniform were'nt allowed into shopping malls. Thats how bad the direction the country is moving in. GO HOME AND STUDY YOU TEENY BOPPERS!
Reached the counter and the lady asked
"Would you like the couple seats?"
"uh?..huh? what? yea"
(I wasnt sure if I heard her right, oh well whateva)
Turns out those are seats meant for couples or love seats. Woohoo! They are bigger and there's just so much more room.

After getting tickets we headed to Starbucks. I ordered my usual CM. Kai Lin says to me
"Do you wanna share a cheesecake?"
"Do YOU want a cheesecake?"
"LOL, wait for a bit"

(seriously, Kai Lin 7/10 times doesnt finish her food, AND we just had lunch, do you really think she'll have most of the cake? I doubt it. All the cake will go to me, sure, make Jun fatter)

Headed off to watch the movie.


Wanted was okay. I expected more from Angelina Jolie, but too bad she wasnt the main character. I did like the car sequence though. And the main hero is just so cool! He kinda reminds me of me. We walked out of the cinema frozen like 2 ais krim potong.


Overall it was a good day to catch up. I went home drained and dreamed of helmets and perfumes.

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