Friday, June 27, 2008

Office Access Cards

Do any of you guys use office access cards? The ones that are like TouchNGo where you have to wave it in front of the detector so you can go through the doors?

Well I do anyway (coz its a lab and its all mostly PnC). I need to beep once at the main doors (Boss area) beep another time after the main door to enter the lab. (lab doors....duh)

Here are somethings NOT to do with the access card

1. When you enter the lift, press the 1st floor button.
DON'T try to use the access card coz er...nothing happens. LOL . You need to PRESS the (1) button.

2. DON'T try to wave the card in front of the bathroom light switch. Nothing happens. LOL

3. When leaving through the side doors. Please DON'T forget to swipe the card. IF not you try to open the door, your head goes smack into the door coz the door didn't open.

4. When you have coffee in one hand and access card in the other hand, don't try and swipe your coffee mug across the detector, nothing happens. LOL

5. And lastly, if you have your access card in your pocket, be sure to take it out. Otherwise swiping the detector with just your hand doesn't work. LOL

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