Friday, June 27, 2008

Conversation that took place at work

Nicole: Jun ah, you go everyweek clubbing is it?
Jun: yea like that la. *i used to anyway*

Nic: beh sien meh?
Jun: nah, its fun.

Nic: ooooh but do you pop pills?
Jun: what for? what kinda pills ? *buat bodo*
Nic: ecstasy la.
Jun: ppff I dont need pills to have fun. I dont even need drinks to enjoy. I can just party all night.

Nic: then how do you enjoy?
Jun: I just. I have good company.

Nic: got any ONS or not?
Jun: say what?
Nic: one night stands la!
Jun: OH, ppfff what for. Most of them are guys. *And I couldnt give too hoots about what slutty girl I meet in a club. She's probably full of all kinds of bugs*

Nic: But you pay so much for clubbing. wasted la.
Jun: not wasted also. Sometimes I get in for free. A friend helps me get it.

Nic: but then VIP have to buy all the drinks la.
Jun: not always. Just the usual beers and stuff.

Nic: oh. So you're just there to fill up the club la so it looks happening. Now I know.
Jun: -___________-

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