Friday, June 27, 2008

Kinabalu 4

June 2oth

- woke up at torturous hours in the morning, only to find out that I was snoring all night. Gosh and that the whole bed shook. It was bad enough I didnt have ANY blankets, but the bed was really short. And so sleeping in weirdest of weird positions really underlined how uncomfortable I was.

-oh well, get ready for a bus ride to Tenom. Tenom is about 2 1/2 hours drive from KK. We were going for White water rafting. wooohooo! The drive there was pain itself as even thought the van was modern, but the suspension at the back was too soft. I was bouncing around and knocking my head all over the place.

-arrived in Tenom Hydroelectric power station.
-Here unfortunately no photos but the next ride was an interesting one.
Picture this

A wooden board about 2m x 2m. under the board are wheels suitable to go on rails. Haha which is exactly what it did. You sit on it (max of 4 ppl) and the 4th person is a local and he stands on the board while holding a large stick. The stick is used to push you along and once you get rolling
, you roll downhill on the rails. LOL wheeeeeeeeee

We reach the place where they keep all the rafts. A quick briefing later and we're in the waters ready to face some rapids. this was my 1st time rafting and it was just so much fun.

-took a light lunch break in a pondok by the river and then off we go to face more rapids. This time the rapids weren't so rough because we're about to reach the end of the rafting experience. Finally we get picked up by a speedboat which took us to Tenom. Here we hop onto our van and drive back to KK.

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