Monday, September 23, 2013

So I decided to fly to Singapore

I'm such a doofus.
Heres what I did over the weekend. I booked a flight to Singapore as the fairs for Tiger Airways were quite cheap. To my dismay, of course, the advertised fair is cheap but the end costs are much higher as you need to pay for extras as well as "payment fees". Geez. Fine.

However, the idiot in me managed to get to the wrong airport.

This is what it should have cost.

Flight: RM 185
ERL to KLIA (train service to airport): RM 53 to and fro.
Parking at Train station : RM 9 (for 3 days)

Total: RM 247

BUT I did get to the wrong airport so.

Flight: RM 185
ERL: RM 53
Had to take taxi from KLIA to LCCT : RM 30
ERL from LCCT to Train Station: RM 10.8
Parking at Train station:  RM 9
Total: RM 287.8


If I didnt get to the wrong airport, these would have been the costs

Flight: RM  185
ERL to LCCT : RM 21.6 to and fro
Parking at Train station: RM 9
Total: RM 215.6

Dang, I'm usually quite organized but I messed up in the weekend. To get to Singapore here is what I have to do.
1. I leave my house in Serdang and park my car at Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS)
The parking rates here are RM 3 per day flat, indoor parking and its safe.

2. I take the ERL (Express Rail Link)
to KLIA : RM 23.5
to LCCT: RM 10.8
(single trip)

3. Fly away.

A flight at 6pm from KLIA
means I have to check-in at 5.15pm.
The ERL takes 30 mins from BTS so I need the 4.45 train.
Takes 15 minutes to get to TBS from Serdang (non-peak hour). So I need to leave house at 4.30.
I like to play it safe and leave at 3.45pm.

But if I fly from LCCT
A flight at 6pm.
Means check in at 5.15pm.
ERL (TBS-Salak Tinggi 20 mins. Salak Tinggi to LCCT 25 mins). 45 mins. So I need to leave TBS at 4.30.
Takes 15 minutes from Home to TBS, so 4.15 pm from home, 3.30pm. 

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