Saturday, January 9, 2010

My new years resolution....

Lets see,
year after year, I find ways to celebrate New years with my friends. Same old preparations. Same old scene.
But do I really want something new?

I realise that 2009 went by really quickly. We waved goodbye to Ohnine and welcomed Ten.
I think back, was 2009 really that eventful?
Did I achieve anything in my life that was significant.
I suppose,
Surviving was one achievement.

We usher in a new year, with fireworks. To me, the fireworks are symbolic.
The bright sparkles of red, green, yellow and blue die out as soon as the crackers shrapnel decend.
They fade into the night as though nothing happened.
Just like the new year, 2010, starts with a bang,
then nothing.
Its another year,
thats most likely routine and with nothing achieved.

My new years resolution:

To not celebrate New years.

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