Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ground floor

If my phone is downstairs, i.e. possibly in the kitchen i.e.
The phone will have either zero or 1 bar of signal.

But most of the time, no signal.

Due to unavailable coverage, If anyone tries to ring my phone when it is downstairs, I will not hear it as all phone calls will go straight to voice mail.

Only when there is 1 bar will I get a message saying 1 have 1 voice message. Then when I do open voice message the person on the other end didnt leave a message!!

So please try to understand that I will not know about the call till later.


I ride a bike to work and back. If you do ring and I cant pick up its because I cant possibly answer my phone on the bike, do I look like your typical malaysian?

When I do answer my phone, dont yell and ask "WOI, why you never pick up your phone waaan?"

I also take yoga lessons, most of the time 8-9.30 pm. If you do ring during those times, I will not be able to answer because phones are not allowed in class.
Please leave a text message and I will reply as soon as I've finished class and showered.

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