Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bikram Yoga @ True Fitness

A few months ago (gosh is it October already) I went for a few Bikram Yoga trial classes at True Fitness Taipan Subang Jaya.
No I did not join because a friend ( Ng Hui Mei ) bugged me to join so she could get a new floor mat or towel or duffel bag.
I joined simply to try and see what it was like. And I had a fat belly.

LOL I tried to squeeze about 5 trial classes in the span of a month or two. But I knew the gym management would dissaprove if I continued any longer coming in as Mei's guest. Time to join as a fully paid member? yes. But not quite.

You see, I had to pay for the full 1 year. At the time I did not have the financial means.

So I stopped going for a few months.

Till July, I had a rather horrible accident leaving my left knee with a little problem. I knew it was an internal problem because the knee wasnt broken, and I hadnt dislocated anything. So I waited for it to heal a bit and at the same time save some money.

Come October (after Ramadhan, the month of fasting) I joined and paid up. So now I'm attending classes once every 2 days.

You can find me at the studio at 6.15 pm or 8 pm, and on the weekends at 4 pm.

Just to summarise what its like at the studio:

1. The showers and locker rooms play elevator music. Not daft funk or daft punk or grunge. (blast! what the devil do teens listen to these days?)

2. The shower pressures are AMAZING! I tell you while at Celebrity fitness some 3 years ago I did not have the same experience.
(more popular gyms means more people means more use the showers at a given time)

3. Just outside the studio there are sitting areas where you can opt to weigh yourself before class. Or simply sit and chat under cold air conditioning.

4. Walk into the studio and you are greeted with intense heat and humidity. It takes alot of mind to conquer the temperature (actually you shouldnt be thinking at all, just let it go). And its not like you'll get sun burnt indoors anyway.
Bare with the heat, dont wipe up your sweat, just relax and wait for guru to arrive.

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