Monday, June 8, 2009

Sweet Escape

As I didnt really escape from the cold of winter or the heat of summer
(Malaysia is hot all year round so I'm hopping from hot place to any other basically)
this post will feature my little holiday away from the schedule of my hectic job (har.har.har.har)

29th May

I dashed off to the airport after work (no actually after I had my shower coz I cant go out till I've had my shower) to pick up Ty. oooops I expected the flight to be a little later at touching down, but turns out it was on time. I got whacked in the arm many many times for this. Something I'm quite used to. Reached my brothers house early and fell asleep straight away.
I was so tired from my trip to Taiping the previous day.

30th May

Spent the day at One Utama for a little spot of shopping. Actually I didnt buy anything as shopping for clothes is not my thing. I only shop for what I need. I dont need 24 pairs of pants nor 24 pairs of black shoes.

After walking around the mall we worked up an appetite and where better to go than to feast on Korean Bbq.
The restaurant called Seoul Garden is really really cheap for the amount of food you get (its buffet) so for people like me who can really eat, head to Seoul Garden for bbq chicken, bbq beef, szechuan style, lemon sauce style, kimchi soup with free refils, Ice kacang, ice cream I trust you wont need dinner after that.

In the evening we headed to Kuala Selangor to see the fireflies at Kampung Kuantan. The bike ride from Klang town to Kg. Kuantan took roughly 70 minutes. The fireflies are said to die out in the next 12 months or so but I do have reasons to doubt this as fireflies dont simply extinguish out if their habitats and food do not get taken away.

Its possible that the fireflies would move deeper into the bush rather than stay by the river. Nevertheless, the trees along the river were covered in little sparkles kinda like those you see on ppls trees during Hari Raya or Christmas.

(getting there from Klang town: head onto Jalan Kapar. This is highway 5 and it takes you all the way to K. Selangor. Dont turn off anywhere. Once you reach Kuala Selangor look for Kampung Kuantan sign board. Turn into kampung kuantan, and follow the signs showing "Kelip Kelip" which means firefly. Admission is Rm 40 per boat max of 4 ppl. So fill up that boat and it will only cost you Rm 10)

Headed back home but stopped by my fav mamak stall for roti chanai banjir, maggi goreng, roti kertas and milo ais.

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