Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sweet Escape Part 2

1st June

Off to Singapore

The day started early although trying to pack extremely large suitcases into my car is no easy feat. Its a blistering hot day and I hadnt even started the car my sweat glands began gushing torrents of amoniacal beads onto my forehead, tummy, neck and underarms.

Started the car and I didnt care if turning on the air-con immediately is bad for health I just wanted to drive in comfort. The car quickly cooled down thanks to protons new batch of over eager air conditioning freezing us over in a matter of minutes.

The drive south was pleasant although I would prefered if it looked like the drive up North. Southbound you drive along a boring 3 lane expressway occasionally passing an orchard but otherwise oil palms are all you see.

We turned off the E2 expressway and entered the E3. This route (rhymes with spout) takes you to Gelang Patah (Malaysia side) and then onto Tuas checkpoint (Singapore side).

Alas! My spanking new laptop failed on me. I downloaded the map of singapore but I couldnt view it off line. We ended up reaching our hotel very late and did not have time to watch the Magic Show at The Arena @ Clarke Quay.

Still, we managed to call a taxi from our hotel and it sped off to our 2nd item on the agenda the Night Safari.

Its quite pricey for the average Malaysian but its very worth it. We were only there for about 4 hours but I'd say add another 90 minutes and you can explore the entire park at a nice pace. The food there was delicious too AND they have Ben n Jerry's!!

Sorry about the poor night photos. I didnt want to turn on the flash.

The highlight of the nite for me was when the indian wolves made a lot of noise howling and barking at one point. Something might have spooked them or perhaps the full moon was out.
All of a sudden we heard really loud thunder but the sky wasnt cloudy! Turns out the lions were rudely awakened at started roaring back at the wolves to shut them up. LOL
It worked, the lions went back to sleep after that.

Went back to our hotel and I fell fast asleep after many hours of driving.

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