Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Some new toys for 2009

So I dont get Christmas presents coz I dont celebrate Christmas, but thats all good.
I got myself a few New Year 2009 presents. Is there such a thing?
Meh, I dont care.
But yay, this means I get to expand my business just a little bit.

This is the Hitachi Rotary Polisher. In the wrong hands, it will punish you like a black stallion on a rampage. But with practice and utter respect for it, its a.....great companion that no detailer should ever leave home without.
Respect, respect and respect the rotary polisher.


This is the Karcher K2.01 Pressure washer.
Capable of blasting pressurised water jets, the gun is able to remove all that grub, mud and dried, caked on brake dust with ease. Takes about 5 minutes to set up with a garden hose, uses regular 13Amp 3 prong household electricity switch, 1 on/off button and a trigger on the gun to make cleaning the car a joy.

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