Wednesday, September 10, 2008

bodoh ke bangang

Kawasaki Ninja 250 cc USD $ 3999 MYR 19 889

Kawasaki Ninja 600 cc USD $ 8999 MYR 64 889

hmmmm do you see it?
do you see it?

okay heres another

Car road rax 1599 cc Rm 90
1999 cc Rm 379

Bike road tax 150 cc Rm4
1000 cc Rm 324



Do you see it?
okay okay heres the reason

Bigger motorbikes have bigger engines therefore the owners need to pay higher taxes. Why? Coz they can afford the bigger bike.
erm......why was the bike expensive to begin with?
A Ninja 1000 cc is considered a common vehicle in Thailand, New Zealand, US and its homeground Japan.
But why in Malaysia is it a luxury vehicle? Yup, you guessed it, taxes.
Because of the damn tax, the cost of this Ninja is now above Rm 70 k. oooooo meaning the owner would surely be able to pay Rm 300 a year for road tax.

kepala hotak kau G!
By hiking the price up you only give chance for the rich to buy a motorcycle. What about those in the middle income bracket? We might afford a nice motorbike + a little kancil, but we dont really want to put up with Rm300 of tax each year.

A Ninja 1000 in the states costs USD 11k. It will take almost 2 years to pay up the loan. here a typical executive will have to fork out nearly 6 yrs to pay up for the bike.
In Thailand these bikes lie "bersepah sepah"
Why? Coz they are cheaper.

Over in New Zealand you see these bikes everywhere. Jeez a 2nd year uni student can buy la.
Second hand even cheaper. 5000 NZ dollars

But over here, if you see someone with a big bike, its an automatic assumption...ooh must be rich feller. The probable truth is that poor chap is eating maggi everyday and plain water.
Just to afford the "luxury" motorbike

So why? why? why?
Are they heavily taxed when they enter Malaysia?

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