Friday, August 15, 2008


Been MIA recently

Reasons: I've been super busy at work, which is worrying because 1. I'm not suppose to be interested in science anymore,
but 2. I have a thing for my project leader

a little smitten you might say.
And she's a good 1 decade older than I am. ooooh boy, not good not good.

on another note
both camera's (my dads and my own) are both out of order. pfffttt his camera wont accept newly charged batteries, and my camera only shows red/green and blue colours. -____-

tonight is my company's annual dinner. I didnt bring anyone with me. But hey most of the singles in my company are just as big losers as I am. HUAHUAHUAHUA Perhaps next year I'll invite Miss Loo (my supplier) to the dinner.
hehehehe The theme for tonights dinner is simlpe to come in costumes

I'll be coming as Neo, from the matrix. whoop whoop

pictures after the jump (whatever that means)

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