Sunday, August 10, 2008

my weekend


saturday I woke up early enough to watch Monk on tv. at About lunch hour i started working on my moms car. Normally this process never ends because for some reason my moms car attracts dust faster than any other car in my home. I wash it on Sunday and it gets fithy on Tuesday. -___-

So I routinely clayed the hood of my moms car and gave it some oil and layer of wax for a month worth of protection.

Other than that I worked on my bike.
gave it a

Wash: Meguiars Gold class shampoo
tyres: same stuff
metal bits: detergent
Tyre shine: Meguiars Endurance Gloss
Wax: Meguiars NXT Tech wax
Seat: Amway Leather and Vinyl Protectant.

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