Monday, August 4, 2008

My weekend

So I got up to.....not much during the weekend.
I think both Saturday and Sunday when I got up I felt like I was hit by a tonne of bricks. It didn't help with the smog in the air my throat and nose were being air-molested.

Saturday evening after waking up around 12pm was spent watching some TV and then dashing off to Sunway. My friend needed a set of 17" rims, so I sold it to him. Pretty quiet day in Sunway but I managed to see a bright yellow Lamborghini Gallardo being detailed. Major Eye candy.

And I must say Willy's car looks good with my tyres. I was impressed to see his car sparkly clean and freshly waxed, complete with R3 spoiler and R3 front lips. R3 blood stripe. Racing steering wheel. Whoop. Sigh.......I showed him photos of my car. He felt my heartbreak. uhukhuhk..... :(

I dont know what will happen to my stripes. Most of it will be ripped off.

Came home and got ready to go for a kenduri.

This lady use to take care of me when I was little and lived in Segamat, Johor. She was my nanny you might say. The kenduri is for her late husband. She has a daughter of about 26 years old who also took care of me (haha). When we were kids we use to play, fight, argue, play fight argue all the time! Gosh. Seeing her on Saturday filled me with memories long put away. haha she still looks the same. I wonder if I look the same to her. And she's gorgeous.

8 yrs ago she got married to some director or producer (well someone from the Entertainment Business anyway) that means she was 18. He didnt allow her to get a job. Yet, managed to get her pregnant 3 times. That means she now has 3 kids at the age of 26. And the best part, he filed for divorce a few months ago. Best part, my hairy ass. He's a fucker I tell you.

1. marries her.
2. doesnt let her work.
3. bangs her up.
4. he divorces her.
5. he has custody of the children, not her.
6. He lives all the way in Wangsa Maju, yes thats Ampang. I'm starting to hate those from Ampang. Not all, but some. There must be something in the water but those from around that area are just plain muther fuckers.

The night ended just fine. Said goodbye and thankfully we don't live very far apart. Lol she's only about 5 minutes down the road. Got home, slept till about 12 pm.

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