Wednesday, August 20, 2008

mumble jumble

Gidday Blokes and Sheila's,

For some reason every time I wanted to blog about something I get interrupted and have to do something else. Well then, I guess I'll just punch in a few words in between tasks and hope by the end of the day I would have at least 1 post/day compared to 1471550 posts/day awhile back.

Last night I had to watch over my taman as we don't have a RELA squad to watch over our pretty houses and keep us safe from being burgled. BnE (Breaking and Entering) have been happening alot lately as the thieves get more daring by the day.

I had to go on patrol duty last night from 2-5 am. And guess what? I'm sleepy.
@___________@ -_______________- zzzzzz

Indeed a group of us saw something suspicious last night. We saw 2 men on a motorbike enter our Taman, but as soon as they saw us, they made a Uwie. hmmmm I could have chased them, but all I had were two legs, a tongkat and a flashlight. ppffttt

Mah body is achin....coz I went to the gym right after 5 am, and I am going to pay for this. I should be fast asleep, curled up like a child, tucked in, by 8 pm.

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