Friday, August 22, 2008


Fucking pissed!
what the fuck
and why the fuck!
would you even consider making suggestions and plans if you yourself cannot contribute?

Picture this
a discussion goes on:

A: Oooh lets donate blood. It would be great if we can get about 100 people.
B: Thats awesome! How about we go in groups, and you can help get your guys as well.
A: oh I cant, I'll be busy that day.


or this

A: hey lets all go out! party hard out till we drop. Can you help grab some people so we get good numbers?
B: cool! where to? Can you help take us there?
A: Oh I dont have a car.


Aku dah nak meletup. Sorry no can do meego. You talk the talk, therefore you have to walk the walk. (or however it goes I dont fucking care)

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