Friday, August 29, 2008

bike review part 2

oops where was I?

I was talking about my bike and before I know it it was time to go home. ish.

so anyway

How does it handle?

Well its light and nimble, unfortunately the rider is not. He's heavy and tall and if he's not careful, he'll end up in a bush because he couldnt steer the bike in time around a corner (He wishes it is another kind of bush).

Full tank of petrol?

12 litres, this will take him 350 km

Luggage space?

Nil. well, under the seat is where the tool kit is located, here you can keep your handphone and wallet....and thats it.....


A new rain coat will do me just fine. Preferably one that fits in a little zip up bag.

The only part that wont get covered is shoes and socks. Oh well....

Total on the road price?

Rm 8725.33


D/p: Rm 5000

Interest: 10%

For 24 months.

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