Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our mentality

What is a sexy pose?
What is a sexy outfit?

In Malaysia you get all kinds of people from different cultural backgrounds. There are half a dozen festivals a year, when other countries probably only have 2 or 3.
You can go to a "pasar malam" and savour delicious servings of apam balik, taufu fah, satay, ayam perchik, yong tau fu the lsit goes on, when in other countries, shops and cafe's close at 5.30 pm and all you have left is McD's and Burger King.
You walk around the shopping malls and you see hundreds of lil kids, teenagers, adults, all in their weekend wear.
You walk on the streets in Auckland during summer and you see hundreds of lil kids, teenagers, adults in their summer wear.

Here I pose a question.
What is deemed sexy nowadays, a short skirt? A low cut top? Really really really short shorts?

If I were to walk around Malaysian shopping malls, its likely you will see more than a dozen girls of a particular race wearing shorts that are just long enough to cover their posteriors. In New Zealand you only see girls of ALL races wearing shorts to cover their posteriors during summer. Winter they are fully covered.

I'm not being racist, but do you notice who are the ones wearing really short pants at mamak stalls and shopping malls? Not saying its a bad thing either I'm sure there are many who perv at these little young ladies. Does that mean their parents dont worry about what they wear?

Now when a perfectly nice young lady wears seemingly non existant pair of shorts with her bf in the shopping mall, does that mean she's really really hot in the mall? As in, the air conditioner isnt working?
Or does it mean she likes to dress that way so her bf can see her beautiful soy milk coloured skinny leg?
OR does it mean that she's proud of her chicken legs and wants to show it off to the mall crowd?
heh but you dont see them wearing something really low cut coz er....theres nothing there.
Contrary to those in NZ, the maori girls wear neckline that will show off the biggest of over the shoulder boulders.

Going to clubs its a different story, most ladies prefer to wear sexy clothing simply because its the clubbing culture. Its fair to say she doesnt want to be touched and fondled by sleazy middle eastern men (yes I am being racist coz I do believe these men are sleaze bags) so what is the point of wearing something scanty? Obviously to be looked at right?

But lets say her boyfriend was around I think he should be okay with it. What if her boyfriend WASN'T around, does this mean she CANNOT wear like that? What kind of double standards are these?

Recently a friend of mine got mad at her bf (well her bf sendiri gali lubang terjun dalam) because he didnt like the way she dressed in public. In all honesty I think the way she dressed would impress even the Queen of England. But her bf didn't seem to think so. I believe the word he used was "sexy"


To me being sexy doesn't have to mean showing off your legs or showing cleavage or bare back. She could be perfectly covered and still be sexy.
But funny how some bf can perceive their gf to be sexy and be mad at them even when they are dressed decently. Then get mad at them tak tentu pasal. If you don't like your gf to be sexy in public places, fine, you have to let her know 1st well in advance.

I for sure don't let my gf walk around in a short skirt or really short pants anywhere we go. (referring to ex) And I don't let her wear something that shows off her cleavage. But at least I had let her know 1st. It also wouldn't make sense if I said she can wear something sexy ONLY when I'm around.

Do parents of Malaysian daughters (those not yet adults) mind if their kids wear something revealing?
I most certainly wont allow it.

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