Wednesday, July 30, 2008

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okay I havent blogged in almost a week, but thats because I wasnt around. Been too stressed and in a different country state and not have access to a computer. The time I had access to a computer (my bro's house) the internet wasnt working -________-

so lets see here's a recap of what happened in the week

Wednesday - off to Port Dickson
Thursday - presentations the whole day
Friday - friday night back to KL met up with an accident.

-was in right lane doing 120-130
-a truck was in left lane doing 70-80
-truck tried to overtake a lorry in front of him.
-truck signaled for a duration of 0.5 seconds.
-truck moved out completely
-no amount of horn or flashing would make him go away
-if i break I will slam into the truck
-so I moved to the right of the right lane and used whats left of a highway that I was robbed of.
-In doing so my car fishtailed by hitting the divider once. (smashes front right lights)
-the bounce caused the back of the car to also hit the divider. (smashes back right lights)

-this caused front right tyre to go out of alignment so steering was useless but nevertheless I tried counter steering wherever I could
-spun several times
-ended up stopped in the middle of the road
-cars are coming at me at 140-150
-to prevent further damage to Reyhana I ordered those in the car with me to get out. No time. A myvi was coming right towards us but managed to get out of the way.
-a kancil braked but but couldnt stop in time so it hit my left door.
-the gan-chew wasnt too badly off, my left door was bent but still solid thanks to double safety beams.
-limped moved car out of the way

-went to the police station
-lodged report
-kena saman
-truck driver had already gone and got away with it (damn it, always always always take their number)
-tow truck company Tow Keh helped us sort things out.

- hitched a ride back to KL with one of my colleagues.

-Saturday, faxed over some insurance forms to the tow truck and mechanic.
-stayed at my bro's house
-went and lepak with Karin at Bangsar

-Sunday - washed bro's car and my bike
-watched DVD's all day
-Monday - cut hair, bought some shoes (ok 1 pair)
-faxed more documents

Tuesday - went for a seminar in JW marriott, Putrajaya
-fell asleep
-but gosh the MC was cute - boleh baling baling
-met up with our supplier Miss Loo.
-huhuhuh she made puppy dog eyes at me when she found out I do alot of purchasing.
-hmmmm....I do have her personal number after all.

...and here I am

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