Tuesday, July 22, 2008

ma hai


1st of all
why couldnt this have been finalised a week ago?
We were told that we can have buses to take us from SDTC to Guoman Port Dickson.
Then at 8.30 am Tuesday, 30 hours b4 departure you tell us we need to get ourselves there by carpooling? Do you know how difficult it is to gather 50 ppl and agree on who's to drive and who to go with who? Ma hai.

A week before you tell us we need to present on our projects and plans for 2008-2009. 1st of all, you want US to decide what we want to do for research and development. But if YOU aren't convinced and don't like the idea you can shoot US down? Can you step up and guide us to a direction. Fucking sick of it.

Another unrelated to work note:

Damn it why is it always like this? Suka sangat ke nak carik gaduh ngan aku? Sebab ape, ko suka menang kan? Sebab aku selalu mengaku kalah betul tak? Kalau aku salah, ingat ape, kena ikut ko aje? Macam anjing kutuk tau tak.

Hebat la ko. Aku dah tak sudi jadi binatang peliharaan enko. Percayalah, aku dah lain. Tak macam dulu. pukimak.

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