Monday, May 26, 2008

10 things

10 things you didnt know about me

1. When I was 16, I got stuck at KLCC fire escape and couldnt get out. (coz i was trying to adjust my pants and wear a belt away from ppl)

2. When I was 9 I was taken away by Las Vegas Police to a juvenile center because I was alone in a hotel playing coin-operated machine games. (all children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult)

3. I cant walk over a covered longkang (the one in the middle of the footpath with the "besi")

4. I didnt used to like raisins, but now thanks to Baskin Robins, yes pls, I'll have the Rum Raisins. Ddint want to wait already.

5. I got my car licence at the age of 17 yrs 7 months. Finished the driving lessons in 7 hours. And got 17/20 for my driving exam. wth is up with #7 ??!!

6. Got my bike licence at the age of 21. At 20, I failed miserably because my bike went off the jambatan. If the bike wheels or your foot touches the ground, FAIL! GSM (gagal serta merta)

7. I started supporting Man United BEFORE knowing about David Beckham okay! Some ppl just dont get it. Just because Dave left Man united, doesnt mean I dont support Man united anymore.

8. Cant feel an earthquake when I sleeps. My dad woke up once and started mumbling, earth quake earth quake (remember the tsunami?). I didnt even budge.

9. Cannot go out of the house in 3/4 pants or without a shower. Not even if its for 5 minutes.

10. Sometimes have no idea what to write, so if I say I will do 10, its actually only 9.

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