Monday, April 7, 2008

seriously, i dont get to see weird know what i mean

i had this friend who could see "things".
Her close friend (my ex) had this house on jln Tunku and it's Supposedly haunted. The house belonged to the late Tunku Abdul Rahman. The house is of course empty but the houses in the vicinity are all inhabited by Tunku's family. o..k....
one day, Eve of 2004, my friends and I had a picnic we could see the fireworks without going to KLCC. It was a good night. Not many mozzies. Nice cool air. Not much traffic noise.
Then my friend, I shall call her Ira, saw something. I took the hint as she suddenly went quiet. She can always see things that others don't. Sometimes she sees a whole family. I just hugged her and said "we just mind out own business"

Kesian dia. Sometimes she'll burst into tears (more like sobs) coz she doesnt want to see all this. One time when she was younger, supposedly she ended up in an alternate world. For about 5 minutes. As in, everyone was different. The environment was different. It was what we would call "alam bunian"

But last Friday was dumb.
A friend of mine, tried to frighten me when I crossed the road. 1st of all, her body was in between me and the other cars. I.e. if we kena bang, she'll be hit first. Woman, pls la, concentrate first b4 you try to scare others.
But hah! I've been known to be not so kind when it comes to surprises either.
I used to peranjat (shock) this girl by peeping at her with only my head showing. So it will look like my head is floating. And that I dont have a body.
(by peeping i dont mean when she's naked or anything)

but on friday
I also got an earful from this girl when I described how a haunted playground will be like. The sand will simply get footprints when no one is there, the swing will suddenly rock back and forth. Then she screamed and yes...aku dah pekak. But she's so cute. I dunno, maybe the way she describes things. The way she does things.

There was however one night in my room, where i saw this glowing light dancing around the room. Remember those bunga api we used to play called "sparklers". Like that la, but why would it be moving around in my room?


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