Sunday, April 13, 2008

my weekend


hikhikhik went to sleep at 6.45pm!....wait wait.....story not finish, woke up at 8.30 pm. ready to go Poppy.
Promised to pick her up at 10ish, lol but i was in the shower for too long. dodgy thoughts okay!
the night was good, but for some reason, too much was swirling in my head.
maybe it was the music, maybe it was the place....(dont often go poppy) but it certainly wasnt the company!
The girl that brought us in looked alot like the Nadia (tom and nadia scandal) that I met a few weeks back. Later I asked Cynthia why her fren Shirly couldnt make it. Got la some reason. oh well....
Left for home quite early. But someones face was red. lol


woke up at 11am. ready to head to sepang. Basically my brother needed someone to help him record his lap times. (my bro does superbiking)
He also drives a Subaru Impreza WRX. (no, not STI version)
But the thing is to drive that aruond the track when the track is dry is quite boring coz the WRX is 4 wheel drive. So no challenge la. (whateva)
At 12.30pm He was doing 1m 19s and decided to stop after about 10 laps. rest a bit.
Qualifying was at 2.10pm.
Basically he needed me to show by some hand signal whether he was beating his timing or not. So 1st lap he did 1m 18s.
2nd 1 m 17s
So mostly 1m 17s.
But got one lap he did 1 m 16s!!! LOL my hand signal was so frantic like some retard, hopefully he got it.
But sepang screwed up the timing at said he only did 1 m 18s. ppffttt so at the starting grid he had to be at 23place out of 24.
We went home after 3pm. (waah even had the privilege to talk to an F16 fighter pilot from the USAF, we asked him "so which do you prefer, up in the sky? or on the track?, he said "hell! The track man!)

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