Thursday, March 27, 2008 going to be a long day

1. w....t............f

this is what happens when I drive to work. I get out of the car,........and can smell lau sai. arrrghhh really stinky. its the smell thats coming from the Tong Ah Distillery.
Its worse than the Sri Petaling loji pembuangan najis IMO. can vomit weh.

2. this girl that sits opposite me in my office, is damn hot. but sometimes just wanna slap her. she got that bitchy face. but thing is, its adorable when she sneezes. O.o??

3. oh and mc Cutie is again wearing that same pretty black and white skirt that I absolutely loooove. she came bouncing up to me this morning, asking me if it was okay that her car was blocking mine. (for some reason alot of the parking spots today have been reserved, damn annoying, so McCutie had to park behind me). But I dont mind if she "parks-in-front-of-me" if yall know what I mean. ^_^
Maybe one day she'll bounce and jump onto my lap. ~siggh...~

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