Friday, March 28, 2008

syabu syabu

I had the privilege of a chat last night with a friend of mine.
(tq so much <3)
whether it helped/helps or not I don't know la. But advice is advice, its like the same value as time. (I actually think time is more valuable than money)

this blog will probably be a mix bag of rage, car detailing and ..i dunno random sheeet.
so anyway


As usual take the KTM in the morning. Keretapi Tapi Manyak Busok!
i just dont care anymore if I'm late. not like boss cares. I take the 7.49 am train at Bukit Badak. I missed that one coz it was too full. (you guess why la)

Then....ding ding....Sila ambil perhatian, train ke sentul telah mengalami gangguan waktu perjalanan selama 20 minit. Harap maafkan service kita yang macam sial.

Well no shit genius! I figured that already while waiting for the 8.04 train. tak datang datang obivously got some sort of gangguan. Maybe the driver wanted to take a shit so he stopped by the side of the tracks and poo poo loh.

For the love of Davy Jones, Its been 11 years since i started riding the Komuter. And yup, still getting the same ol shit. What the fuck is their problem man?
1. I have to wait in the burning morning sun,
2. I have to stand in the train.
3. Theres no space for a big guy like me.
But its only Rm 2.20

seriously I dont mind paying 4 bucks if they have punctual service, comfort and reliability.

the alternative-driving.
I really hate bastards who hog the right most lane on the F. Highway. Mangkuk tul. Not only bastards but annoying bitches. PLs la, if you cant drive quicker, at least move the side. I'm not saying you have to go at 200 kmph, just 80 kmph on the middle lane can or not? you want to drive 80 kmph on the right lane ah? you want me to sondol you is it?

I approached your backside slowly, not even close. Not even up to your hiney bumper. I didnt even flash you with my high beam. But you can see me coming kan? Why still dowan to move to the side? I saw you looking into your backmirror and I saw you stick your tongue out. Why? your tongue so cantik meh?
Want me to french you is it? (oh this was a lady btw in case you're wondering if I swing both ways)
Nia mah.
and whats the deal with buses overtaking AND using the right lane? kepala bapak hang la.

1. you cannot escape traffic jams. (unless you go home at 1 am, which i might just do la)
2. you pay toll.
3. you pay petrol....only to be stuck driving at 30 kmph.
4. finding parking isnt easy.
5. milleage increases like mad.

so both of these suck. whats the alternative?

its called the NAZA Blade 250.
A naked bike.
I dont have a picture right now coz Naza website sucks and its difficult to find the pic.

1. wont get into traffic jams.
2. can use the highway coz its more than 250cc
3. low petrol consumption. (full tank 17 L) can go around 300 km.
4. no pay tolls.
5. doesnt absorb heat like a car does.
6. no need to pay for parking.

but if its dangerous to ride a bike
come come...come closer
and look at my red lips
read them.



this will be for 2009.

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