Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Renting a house....

So I've recently had to transfer to another office far far away from where I live. Its far by Malaysian standards and made to feel even further by the fact that its 1/6th estate back roads.

I live in a town called Serdang in Selangor, Malaysia. Its literally next to the North-South Expressway that takes you to Johor and Singapore. If I were in KL, its actually really convenient. But now I've transfered to a place called Banting. 60km from Serdang. Yes thats far for a relatively small country.

Like it or not, I had to transfer and also find a room closer to the new office.

I've found one just 2km away and it could be worse. Rental for the room (2 story terrace house-4 bedroom)
is only RM 165. I dealt with the owner directly and he's pretty laid back. But the downside is....he's pretty laid back. There are no fans in the house except in the hallway. No air-conditioning (forgivable). No fridge, no washing machine. Really just a place to sleep, shower and go.

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