Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Buying Car insurance

There are a few ways to go about it, but for simplicity in my experience

I) Buying New Insurance
i)  Get some quotations from several providers
ii) Decide if you want 3rd Party or Comprehensive
         a) If car is more than 10 years old
            - some companies are reluctant to sell 3rd Party insurance
            -Ask around, if cannot, head to MMIP (Malaysian Motor Insurance Pool)

        b) If car is less than 10 years old
           -should not be a problem to buy 3rd party


2) Transferring your old insurance policy
i) Tell your existing insurance company you want to transfer the policy. They will issue a letter, to say you, the policy holder, are eligible for NCB for any new vehicle of the same type/category. 
3) Go to the counter of the insurance provider you decide on:
i) Fill out a form (details of you, the buyer)
ii) show the original Registration Card (JPJK2)
iii) Show the PUSPAKOM inspection certificate  (B5)

iv) prepare your cash (some can accept credit card)

4) When finished, they will issue you a cover note
This note is needed for JPJ to transfer ownership.
For more established Insurance firms, the details of the insurance you have just purchased are online after only 20-30 minutes of buying insurance. So there is no need to print a cover note. 

*Note: NCB/NCD (no claims discount/bonus)
As you may be aware, your insurance policy will give you a discount each year that you dont make any claims
After 1 years: 25%
After 2 years 30%
After 3 years 38.3%
After 4 years 45%
After 5 years 55%
After 6,7.....years 55%

When your policy has not been in use for 365 days, your discount will reduce to 45%. It will go back to 0% after the 5th year of no usage.

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